The facts are in. Companies implementing Continuous Delivery are seeing a tremendous payoff. It’s not unusual to see companies deploying code 30x more frequently than their peers, having 50% fewer failures and seeing 20% higher revenues as a result, and many companies exceed these numbers.

eBook Hightlights:

  • Measure expected ROI
  • Lay on a pipeline, implement DevOps
  • Take steps to integrate and automate
  • Pack apps for easy deployment

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        Organizations that employ DevOps practices are outperforming our fastest high-performers by orders of magnitude.

        As you prepare to build your business case, identify the area or areas of greatest potential impact for your company, and go from there.

        The most valuable thing you do as a software developer is make that connection between creation and use.

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Continuous Delivery is a serious undertaking but the good news is you don’t have to start with a blank slate. You can learn from the successes of DevOps experts who have come together to share their experiences and best practices in a new eBook sponsored by Zend. It’s a great resource to inform yourself, make the case for Continuous Delivery, and get buy-in from your team or your boss.


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